Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Getting Back on Track

     I have not been here for a long time! I hope that this blog will help me with my new journey to get healthy. It is so hard to lose weight, it never used to be but for the last several years it is difficult for me. I used to think thin and lose. Now I have to work hard at it.  I know how to get it done, it is just getting it done I struggle with. I LOVE food too much!

     It is important I lose at least 20 lbs, more to come later but that is my starting point. I think sometimes I reach for the final goal too quickly and end up giving up because that goal is a bit hard to reach at first. I want to lose at least 50 lbs.

     Why is it so important? Well for some reason my liver is not working right, I have never been a drinker or taken drugs so the only thing we can think of is I took too much Tylenol for pain over the years. So regardless of why the weight plays a roll in it too so I need to be kind to my liver and stop making it work so hard.

     Another health issue is my knee. I had a partial knee replacement several years ago and the extra weight is not good for my knee. It does not like carrying it around. My feet also are feeling the brunt of the weight.

     My clothes are uncomfortable. I do not like to feel the rolls of fat either. I don't like how anything fits and will not buy a new wardrobe to compensate my new flesh.

     Finally yes my vanity. I hide from mirrors and when we go to California I don't really like to be in pictures anymore. I look at the shots of me and I want to cry. I do not like what I see. It depresses me to no end.

    So losing this fat is all up to me! It is hard but it can be done. I know that I have to cut calories and I need to exercise. I am using the portion cups to help me with the calories but will also watch my calorie intake. As for exercise. That will be on hold until I get some weight off so my knees and feet aren't hurting so much. I will still walk and do what I can but not be on a really pumped up plan until I dump at least 10 lbs.

     I started eating better yesterday, so far, so good. I hope someone follows me on my journey if only just to encourage me when I start to give in to food.

     I do not plan to starve myself because that never works. I get bored and tired of it and just pig out...if I want cake, I'll give up something else for the day, if I want fries, I'll give up something that day. For the most part though I plan to only cheat one day a week.That has worked in the past. I will still eat what I like in my meals though but just less of it. That is how the portion control cups work. However from what I see with them I can eat a lot more food and still lose. It is just how it is proportioned out.

    So now I am on day 2...let the losing begin...


This is the me I hope to see again!!

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